Oct 05, 2017: Educate a man, you educate a person, but you educate a woman and you educate a whole civilization - Mahatma Gandhi

India is home to the largest number of illiterate adults in the world - 287 million persons, amounting to 37% of the global total. The literacy rate of female Dalits in Raichur is 38.5% which is far behind India’s progress trend. It is still 30 years behind Indian’s national literacy Rate which was 43.7 in 1981. India is ranked 123rd out of 135 countries in female literacy rate.






Vimukti Charitable Trust (R), Pothnal initiated the new program called “Computer Based Functional Literacy (CBFL)” Programme in 50 back ward villages of Manvi Taluka. The Development focus has developed an innovative Computer Based Functional Literacy application in 9 regional languages. This enables an illiterate person to become functionally literate in 45 days, participating in sessions of 1 to 2 hours each day.

The programme aims at strengthening and enhancing the reading, writing and cognitive skills of adults. The specific goal of this initiative is to address critical gaps in these skill areas by enhancing the functional literacy of adults especially women, thereby leading to self–esteem and confidence to engage in livelihood and economic activities for improved lives. Functional literacy will further impact people’s ability to understand their rights and claim their entitlements, enabling them to be able to influence Government policies that affect them. The progrmme will use the CBFL application to enable 8,000 adults become functionally literate in Manvi Taluka in this year.






50 animators have been selected with on animator for each village. The role of the animator is to train the learners with the aid of the CBLF application. Since this is a basic literacy course, animators who have completed their 10th grade and are proficient in reading, writing, and basic mathematics were selected. 2 coordinators monitor the work of the animators. Each animator is given a laptop and projector to be able to teach the lesson. Animators agreed that the community should be involved and participated in the whole process to make it effective and sustainable.





















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