"Your vocation is the place God calls you to where your deepest happiness meets the world's deepest hunger."- Frederick Buechner

"On his deathbed, Francis said to his brothers:' I have done what is mine to do; may Christ teach you yours.'"- Major Legend of St. Francis by St. Bonaventure 14:3

“Saint Francis, ‘by divine inspiration’, initiated a form of gospel life which he called a brotherhood, and chose to model it on the life of Christ and His disciples.”  Capuchin Constitutions 88:6

In the past one thousand years nobody influenced the humankind as St. Francis has done. The latest example is the present Pope (Taking on himself the name - Francis). Even today in India alone there are more than 2000 young capuchin friars following Our Lord Jesus Christ in the footsteps of St. Francis. Thus in fact he is ‘the man of the millennium’.
While every person is called to serve God through humble service of our neighbor, there are many ways to live out this calling.  The Franciscan Capuchins are inspired by the life and ideals of St. Francis of Assisi- dedicated to serving those in need, living a simple lifestyle together as a community of brothers, and drawing closer to the Lord through common and personal prayer.  What makes the Capuchins so unique, however, is their emphasis on being contemplatives in action.

In other words, the goal of each Capuchin friar, no matter what ministry he is engaged in, is to be a contemplative.  But it does not and it cannot stop there.  Once the friar sees and experiences God's presence in every part of our world, he then works, in whatever way he is called to do, toward making sure that the light of Christ is not being obscured by ignorance, poverty, or injustice.  The Capuchin friars are able to do this through an incredible diversity of ministries and opportunities that empower the people they serve to become the best persons they can be.  

Are you looking to understand God’s will in your life and what God is calling you to?
Are you looking for fulfillment in life?
Are you looking for a life of brotherhood, prayer and service to the poor?
If you are asking yourself these questions, maybe God is calling you to consider the Capuchin Franciscan way of life.

An open invitation to young people:
“Follow me…immediately the left their nets and followed him.”(Mk1: 17-18) The lord said and they followed.  Won’t you like to walk on the path of the great St. Francis who is known as ‘Another Christ’? If you feel the Lord is calling you to lead a radical life based on the Gospel values to love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might and to serve His people with selfless dedication by becoming a Priest or Brother with Capuchin Friars of Karnataka, then contact us on the following:

Friar Jawahar Jerry Cutinho
Vocation Director
St Anne’s Friary
Jail Road, Bejai
Mangalore -03

[email protected]
Phone: 9902331830

P.S.:  The Vocation Promoters: The vitality and growth of a religious order depends largely on the number of new vocations it attracts. Vocation promotion is a major task of the Capuchin Province of Karnataka. A full time vocation director with the collaboration of regional vocation promoters works to promote the Capuchin vocation to young men throughout Karnataka and North-Eastern India. They journey with potential vocation candidates in the initial stages of inquiry, answer questions and concerns regarding the life, assist them in matters of discernment, and provide young men to experience first-hand the Capuchin life. This happens primarily through the ‘Come and See’ Vocation Camps, held twice in a year at different places. These camps offer young boys a first glimpse into the life, ministry, and unique charism of the Capuchins. In addition, the vocation directors provide opportunities to know about capuchin way of life through vocation bulletins- “Samadhan” and constant contacts through letters and other print materials.

 Contact for Vocations :

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